Rosehip Tea and the battle for Europe…

This time of year there is a delightful natural treat waiting on our doorsteps, which is easy to gather, prepare  and enjoy.

I’m talking about Rosehips. They can be found growing on cultivated ground, in parks or alongside public paths. They are easy to spot, with their bright red buds and small green leaves. Walking back to my house from work I spotted at least four plants and this within walking distance of the Piccadilly line. Gather around 5-10 rosehip fruits for one teapot. Cut the hips open and remove all the seeds and hairs inside, these can be an irritant it’s best to leave them out. Slightly squeeze them and throw them in the teapot, add your boiling water and wait a while for the flavours to infuse.

rosehips bushcraft
Rosehips sitting on a bush ready for picking. Don’t forget to take out the seeds however!

Enjoy, a perfect warm cuppa.

Rosehip syrup was used to great lengths during and after the Second World War. It was a great source of Vitamin C, far greater than Oranges, which were of course hard to find during a war.

Always remember when collecting wild food, make sure you know what you are doing. If in doubt, leave it out! 

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