Bivi of Summer – North Wales

Managed to grab three days and spend it walking though the great scenery of North Wales and sleeping in a bivi. Hiked the Glyderau and explored a little of Twll Du. Packing a light sleep system enables you to move with ease and not be weighed down with a large pack.

Glyderau in the mist
North Wales Glyderau

I used a bivi, ‘woobie’ and the back panel made of foam that comes in my Osprey Mutant as my roll mat. These proved to be more than adequate in the hills with the warm weather. However one night with a clear sky the temperature dropped low and I felt the chill of the approaching night.

bivi in the hills
North Wales – Bivi looking over Snowdon Range.

A ‘woobie’ is slang for a Poncho Liner. This is basically a synthetic filled blanket with tie points around the edge so you can turn it into a square sleeping bag. It is incredibly lightweight and versatile.

sunset in the hills
North Wales – Sunset view towards Llanberis

Also trying to experiment a little with different wild camping cooking ideas. Bringing some fresh veg along I managed to steam it above some noodles. The addition of a little soy sauce, fresh ginger and garlic really helped add depth.

Glyderau mist
North Wales Glyderau in the mist

When wild camping one must always leave no trace.

wild camping stir fry
I am so sick and tired of eating the same old boring food when hiking. Time to stir things up!


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