Kalakalle Kalakukko Review

Name aside this is a pretty tasty field snack! As I mentioned in our review of the delicious Savulohirouhe Tomaattikastikkeessa I personally seldom carry canned goods into the field as I find the packaging a burden. However I am always open to try something new for lunch at home so lets get stuck into a can of Kalakalle Kalakukko.

A layer of smoked salmon between two pieces of rye bread is what makes up Kalakalle Kalakukko. As we saw with their other offerings it is not such an attractive display when you first open the can. It smells a little weird and looks a little odd but get over this and you are left with a pretty tasty snack.

Kalakalle Kalakukko
Kalakalle Kalakukko

I served the Kala-Kalle’s Kalakukko with simple boiled potatoes and a salad. The Kalakukko is pretty dry and needs a sauce of some description to improve texture. However the taste is good and it is certainly filling with the rye bread adding lots of carbs, you get a decent layer of fish too.

Not as mind blowing as the smoked salmon groats which I reviewed HERE but still tasty. Out of the four offerings from Varusteleka this holds second place behind the groats.


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