Hiking in the Swiss Alps Gimmelwald

I was lucky enough to find myself in Switzerland for a three month stay in a wonderful little village called Gimmelwald. I enjoyed plenty of hiking in the Swiss Alps.


The wild strawberries are beginning to ripen and taste like I imagine all strawberries once tasted, a flavour of untamed depth. Switzerland really has some great nature and landscapes. Hiking in the Swiss Alps is the perfect way to explore your surroundings.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps
Tiny wild strawberries are full of flavour if you can spot them.

Familiar friends such as Birch and Elder lower down in the valley appear to me. There is Willow too and many Coniferous trees weeping sap. I have started collecting to eventually make some natural glue.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

High in the mountains the weather is very changeable and noticing the temperature subtly drop I found shelter and as the rain drops fell I was beneath a wood roof looking out at the splashes.

– Sunny

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