Frosts Mora 2000 Review

This was my first proper bushcraft /outdoor knife progressing from a Swiss army knife. It is an important step, I think, going from a simple childish Swiss army knife (that’s not saying they’re not useful because they are!) to a more grown up fixed single blade knife that can handle the heavier tasks we sometimes find outdoors.
I purchased the Mora 2000 for my Pennine Way trip, I took my Swiss army knife too (you see, told you they were useful!).

Frosts Mora 2000
Frosts Mora 2000 sitting on top of its good plastic sheath. I wrap some gaffa tape round just encase I need some.

The Mora 2000 is perfect beginner knife (along with the Mora Training Knife) because it is inexpensive and performs very well for the price. For anyone thinking about getting into bushcraft or wild camping near forests, this is an amazing starter knife, let’s find out why.

  • Cheap
  • Handle allows for a very firm grip (nice and secure and no slipping, which is not common for synthetic handles)
  • Average sharpness (but for the price we cant complain)
  • Amazing sheath, holds the knife with a very satisfying grasp
  • Belt loop is fine for attaching to most belts
  • Drainage holes in the sheath are a nice touch
  • Military Green, great for ACF or OTC
Frosts Mora 2000
Frosts Mora 2000 looking up at the handle. You can see the well designed handle too.

A few downsides,

  • Blade is very thin, especially at the end, easily broken
  • Not easily sharpened, the second bevel running towards the tip of the blade is a nightmare to sharpen on water stones or diamond ceramic whetstones (this could be easier with other sharpening equipment). I would recommend the Mora Training Knife for practising sharpening skills (see my Sharpening Guide, coming soon)
  • Sharpness, although average, when compared against my other knives, it is the worst out of all of them. I have sharpened the main bevel perfectly and it is still just nowhere near my others (Helle and Buck).
Frosts Mora 2000
Frosts Mora 2000 showing its Scandi Grind turning into a more flat ground section at the tip.

However with all these downsides we are faced again by the low price, which obviously makes up for most of them. This is a beginner’s knife and should be viewed as such.


Weight 140 grams Blade Length 11.8 cm Blade Material Stainless Steel Handle Length 11.7 cm Overall Length 23.5 cm

Conclusion: Buy it! If you are just starting out and wanting a cheap beginner knife then look no further. If you already have some experience in fixed blade knives then perhaps you should be considering some more advanced and heavier duty knives. As usual please comment with questions.

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