NCFE Bushcraft Extreme Survival Level 2 & 3

The first week of June I took off to the Scottish Highlands to put my bushcraft skills to the test as well as study for the NCFE Bushcraft Level 2 and 3.


The group met in Dalwhinnie, one of the coldest towns in Scotland. This was for the initial brief before we started our walk in to start the NCFE Bushcraft course.  The plan was to stay and live in mountainous woodland for a week and learn bushcraft and survival skills along the way.

NCFE Bushcraft

We did some excellent hiking through some interesting routes. Navigational exercises were part of the training. We certainly counted a lot of steps over the week.


Its one thing knowing a skill. Being able to put it into practise far from home in challenging weather conditions is another. Fire lighting to knife skills to trapping and game preparation we covered a broad range of skills and knowledge.


Our hosts for the course were Survival School Jonny and his team were all extremely proficient in living outdoors and it was a pleasure to be among other instructors who shared my mind-set of sustainable living and bushcraft.


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