Dartmoor – North 3 Day Circuit

Snow, rain, 50mph winds, a rainbow. The weather playing out it’s drama across the bleak tors and ancient woodland of Dartmoor, you cannot help but be affected deeply. Everywhere you look there is detail and an ever changing landscape in which to travel through and sleep in.

We had a low of -2°C the first night and with our tent pitched the frost seemed to creep in around us as we looked up into a particularly delightful star studded sky. We encountered some frog spawn too! 

Our MSR Whisperlite decided to die which sadly meant no hot food or drinks for the rest of the trip. I had a premonition something may happen to it so I packed the field repair kit just encase but even with some lubrication and fiddling it refused to stop leaking. Eventually I discovered a metal screw had eaten into its plastic thread and this meant it was impossible to repair… very disappointing. It was only a three day trip but if this had happened on a longer expedition it would have made things very interesting!

Starting in Okehampton the moors really open up to you and give the hiker a great choice of direction to take and what terrain to move across. We followed the Tarka Trail onto the moors, this section of damp woodland on the banks of the river is most wonderful.


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