Rab Ridge Raider Review

Lets get something out the way first. Sleeping in a bivi does require a special type of person. Either you are very hardy and able to cope with claustrophobia or someone who is foolhardy to cope with rolling around in the dark while accidentally trapped inside their bivi because they cannot find the zip in the dark. 

The bivi experience is dark, cramped and probably a bit damp so why do I use them?

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Kelly Kettle Review

Boiling water out in the field is always a challenging task to do quickly and easily without the need for relying on technology (such as a Jet Boil) to make your tea. You can bring a billy can for when you are on your own but to use it you first have to light a fire and its not incredibly efficient as the heat is not contained. The problem with gas stoves is you always run the risk of it malfunctioning when out on expedition and then being left with an interesting ‘tea less’ situation.

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Mora Garberg Review

The Mora Garberg takes a new path for Mora with the Garberg seeming to be the truest realisation of this new direction which started with the Mora Robust Pro and continued on to products such as the Mora Bushcraft Black. These are both two very capable knives but both lacked full tangs and this is where the Garberg comes in which offers great durability and a very solid package overall.

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