Planning a Bushcraft trip to Finland

Venturing abroad with outdoor pursuits in mind can be a daunting affair, especially if you are planning on hiking or camping away from major tourist areas and towns. Bushcraft and Finland fit together perfectly but here are some helpful websites that might assist in planning your own adventure.


Coach –
A very reliable coach service to use all over Finland.
Plane –
Not cheap but helpful staff and great service.
Taxi –
Northern Finland taxi service

Use this website to gain access to detailed routes, geographical features and facilities across Finland. It is a digital map that will allow you to print off squares to help with your orienteering. You can use the layers to switch between displaying hiking, snowmobile and skiing routes if you wish.

Buying Maps
They shipped very fast to the UK.
Offer the hiker a fantastic paper quality on some of their maps but they do not ship outside of Finland.

National Park Guides
A fabulous website that has so much information on national parks, wilderness areas and hiking areas. A word of warning is that you should be careful to read the information carefully as it is sometimes duplicated across pages with slight alterations to what is described. The website is super helpful on the whole and I would certainly recommend it.

National Park Facilities
My experience with Finnish national parks is overwhelmingly positive and the offerings made to the outdoor enthusiast are abundant. Open wilderness cabins, saunas, wood stores along with marked trails in certain areas are all features you can benefit from.

Conditions on the Ground
Planning ahead is vital for any trip but can only get you so far as conditions on the ground can affect your plans. Failing to adapt plans when faced with unexpected or dangerous conditions is almost certain to lead to mission failure.