Top Ten Bushcraft Fanatic Signs

We all love bushcraft! However when is enough enough? Here are the Top Ten Bushcraft Fanatic Signs to look out!


Find yourself wearing khaki all the time? Perhaps you are wearing a bug out bag at this very moment? Reading your tenth knife review of the evening? Here are the Top Ten Bushcraft Fanatic Signs!

Top Ten Bushcraft Fanatic
Top bushcraft nerds discussing the latest trends…
  • You have more than one bushcraft knife.
  • You know what a Mora Clipper is.
  • Actively seeking out dull green and brown clothing is natural and done automatically.
  • Bonus points if it’s made out of wool.
  • Is that an army surplus store we just drove past?
  • Fire warms you three times.
  • Lars Falt, what a hero!
  • You are wearing a paracord bracelet.
  • Have a massive stash of silver birch bark
  • Want to move to Sweden.

Well there is the list. Notice anything familiar perhaps? What would be on your Top Ten Bushcraft Fanatic Signs?

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