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Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket

Soft shells are great versatile layers to have in your arsenal. This summer weight soft shell jacket by Jack Wolfskin offers the user a wide range of solutions to weather’s problems. Particularly suited for high energy hikes, commutes and acting as a super breathable mid layer.

The Rock Me Jacket has a number of features that help the user out, one of them, above others stood out; the breathability of this soft shell is excellent. On demanding hikes, or commutes, the Rock Me Jacket performs so well at temperature regulation, which keeps you from overheating. It is very pleasant to wear in hot sticky trains where some windproof or thicker soft shells would be way too hot. The face fabric has a dense weave on the outside, this helps block some of the wind and an applied DWR helps keep the water off too. These can easily be reapplied with Grangers or NikWax products as it’s more than likely this jacket will be worn frequently around town, it is going to be washed more often than your other technical gear.

Rather subtle styling helps the Rock Me Jacket fit into an urban setting.

Rather subtle styling helps the Rock Me Jacket fit into an urban setting.

The fabric on Rock Me Jacket is also very stretchy with 8% elastane providing you with amazing freedom of movement. Perfect for moving over difficult terrain or weaving between slow commuters!

Concerning the hood on the Rock Me Jacket, it’s not helmet compatible but for where this soft shell is designed to be worn this is a non-issue. The hood is a very neat fit, it grips your head well and being blinded looking left and right crossing roads does not happen!

On the inside of the Rock Me Jacket there are little loops in the inside fabric, this adds to against skin comfort along with helping to trap some warmth when conditions get colder.

rock, me, jacket

Rock Me Jacket has a small pack size but once out and on it provides good protection from the elements, but feels at home in an urban environment.

All in all the Rock Me Jacket is great around town to keep the elements at bay between train stops and work with high levels of breathability you won’t feel like you are wearing an uncomfortable layer when rushing about and the black colour is pretty subtle too, so doesn’t stand out on the commute. Great hood for when you need it too.


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A DWR is a hydrophobic chemical that repels water. It means the fabric does not get saturated with rain quickly which would affect breathability and performance of the layer.

Arcteryx Epsilon LT Hoody Review

Out on the hills, in the forests and by the coast we all need waterproofs. The layer that keeps the elements out, but the more time we spend outdoors we begin to appreciate that the weather is never normally bad enough to warrant wearing a full on hard shell (waterproof) but sadly seldom perfect enough to be in baselayers and shorts!

The Arcteryx Epsilon LT Hoody. Perfect for urban and outdoor use. A great mix of features make this one hardfleece suitable for a wide variety of situations.

The Arcteryx Epsilon LT Hoody. Perfect for urban and outdoor use. A great mix of features make this one hardfleece suitable for a wide variety of situations.

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Our amazing location for bushcraft this summer!

Summer 2014 London Bushcraft Days

As the weather starts to warm, everyone’s thoughts are to the outdoors!

We have two special bushcraft offerings over Summer this year, easy online booking too. Join us for some bushcraft in the heart of London this Summer 2014. Great selection of activities, perfect for kids wanting to try something different! So get off that game console and come learn some bushcraft.

Six Day Bushcraft Course (11-15 yrs) 

Book your child onto this exciting holiday course and join the fantastic team from Ember Survival to learn some fundamental bushcraft skills this summer!

Bushcraft is all about learning to use the natural resources we all have around us to thrive in the great outdoors.

The course goes from the basics of fire lighting and water purification to wilderness cooking around our camp fires to many other bushcraft topics such as tree identification, weaving and shelter building. This is a fun, active six session bushcraft course with all participants receiving a certificate of completion at the end. Click here for INFO. 

Family Bushcraft Evening (8+yrs) 

Spend an evening in the heart of Hyde Park as we create a wilderness style camp for you to learn some exciting bushcraft skills!

Our evening focusses on fire lighting skills, with various modern and ancient methods to help you learn how to light a fire on your travels. We then move on to bracelet weaving, where you construct your own survival bracelet to take home with you. As the shadows lengthen over the city we will enjoy fire light flickering over our camp in the centre of London – magical! Click here for INFO.

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