Globetrotter München Parken The Outdoor Retail Scene in Munich Part 2 2014/02/03

In the days before Ispo kicked off we checked out the outdoor retail scene in Munich. We headed over to Globetrotter München Parken to check them out next. Read our full report. Part 1 HERE


Having had our standard raised to an inconceivable high level the other day with popping into Schuster we thought we were prepared for high end outdoor shops. Oh how wrong we were. For outdoor enthusiasts it’s very rare to find an outdoor shop here in the UK that has it all under one roof. We were completely unprepared for stepping in Globetrotter München Parken.

Globetrotter München Parken

The first ‘wow’ moment happened in about 15 seconds from entering the shop. “Is that a pool at the bottom of the shop?” I ask. “Yes it’s for testing our kayaks” answers an assistant.

Globetrotter München Parken

Globetrotter München is an absolute dream of an outdoor shop, every activity and its related equipment explored fully in terms of layout, range and shopping experience. They have an insect colony in the shop! Sorry, I got distracted, did I mention they have an insect colony? There is of course the normal outdoor kit, sleeping bags, rucksacks and trekking pants and so on that you expect in any outdoor shop but here there was depth and range in every corner we looked, so that their rucksack selection almost filled an entire floor, simply amazing. You want to buy a pair of binoculars? Well in Globetrotter there was a better selection than in most camera shops I have been in. I could write many more examples of this, you will have to take my word. Knives – Globetrotter style! There was a separate section to forest living and bushcraft. A wall of axes, a walk around knife display with brands I would not expect on the high street, SpyderCo, Helle with Gränsfors Bruk heading up the axes. The guys working at the knife area had lots of knowledge with recommendations on particular models that were their favourites, a nice personal touch. One of the first things was a comment on our KarrimorSF rucksacks, “oh you guys are from England?” spoken in perfect English from an assistant. We chatted about knives for a bit, the UK law vs the German law, all very interesting discussion.

Globetrotter München Parken knife display

Globetrotter, along with the kayak pool and insect colony has some really nerdy features such as a wind turbine room that sprays out water, providing a test bed for some of the high end waterproofs they sell.
Globetrotter München Parken a well worth a visit.
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