The Outdoor Reality 2015/08/02

Leaving routine and predictability is where reality begins. Waking up on an island in Sweden and the first port of call is to collect wood. Batton it down and then feather some to help start a small fire to make the morning coffee. This was done as a ritual each day. This was far from routine as the conditions were always different along with the wood itself never being the same. Welcome to the The Outdoor Reality.

Birch trees in Sweden


The distance between mind and self shortens in this environment. You know what time it is and exactly where you are as you have a map and a watch. But the sun now governs your sense of time and days become meaningless. You notice the smallest details of your surroundings and become more and more tuned in to nature. Drop in temperature, weather systems moving in and where to forage. You return home to find these subtle details obscured once again by the city. The Outdoor Reality longs for your return.


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