Summer 2014 London Bushcraft Days 2014/06/07

As the weather starts to warm, everyone's thoughts are to the outdoors!
We have two special bushcraft offerings over Summer this year, easy online booking too. Join us for some bushcraft in the heart of London this Summer 2014. Great selection of activities, perfect for kids wanting to try something different! So get off that game console and come learn some bushcraft.

Six Day Bushcraft Course (11-15 yrs)
Book your child onto this exciting holiday course and join the fantastic team from Ember Survival to learn some fundamental bushcraft skills this summer!

Bushcraft is all about learning to use the natural resources we all have around us to thrive in the great outdoors.

The course goes from the basics of fire lighting and water purification.  To wilderness cooking around our camp fires to many other bushcraft topics such as tree identification, weaving and shelter building. This is a fun, active six session bushcraft course with all participants receiving a certificate of completion at the end.
Family Bushcraft Evening (8+yrs)
Spend an evening in the heart of Hyde Park. We create a wilderness style camp for you to learn some exciting bushcraft skills!

Our evening focusses on fire lighting skills, with various modern and ancient methods to help you learn how to light a fire on your travels. We then move on to bracelet weaving, where you construct your own survival bracelet to take home with you. As the shadows lengthen over the city we will enjoy fire light flickering over our camp in the centre of London - magical!
Location Hyde Park Isis Education Centre


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