The Bushcraft Store - Outdoor Retail in the UK Part 3 2014/03/21

Seems like an age since we were all in Munich enjoying those beers, sausages and indoor bouldering! Remember beer after climbing is ok, just not before. Here we look at outdoor retail here in the UK and in particular the Bushcraft Store.


We checked out the local outdoor retail scene over in Germany and were blown away by what we saw. Upon returning we wanted to explore what was happening back here in outdoor retail in the UK and let our readers know what specialist retailers existed for bushcraft. A subject that in Europe seems to be naturally incorporated into any outdoor shop.

The Bushcraft Store

Travelling up from the centre of London the journey was well worth it as its literally bushcraft heaven in there! The shop is a good size with a footwear wall, two sides of clothing and a rucksack section. Many stands with everything from stoves, tarps to firesteels galore! Clothing is pure bushcraft, so that means lots of green and brown, but we did notice a tweed L/S shirt in there somewhere. It's great to see good quality outdoor retail here in the UK.

Bushcraft Paradise

The Bushcraft Store

Browsing around and the store is obviously trying to cater for a bushcraft audience but people going on expeditions will find equipment here too as will cadets and scouts.
It has a spectacular selection of knives and axes. Have a look at the photos, it’s a good range and what makes it special is that you get to see how they feel in the hand, something you cannot do online, and this cannot be overstated as it is normally the deciding factor between purchases.

The Bushcraft Store

Talking to the staff there is a good mix of knowledge. Just through conversation was clear was learnt first-hand in the field. We have used their online shop for years but this was the first time setting foot in the shop, everything they stock is online but if you want to ask some face to face questions or get a feel of an item a visit is a must. Well worth a visit to see some top quality outdoor retail right here in the UK. Part 1 HERE
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