Hello World 2010/08/24

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Ember Survival appeared in this week’s Daily Mail where I help Lucy Cavendish and her children out with some Bushcraft.

Ember Survival Daily Mail Bushcraft Link


We cooked some lovely pigeon and ate some delicious soup. All of which was cooked over a fire. Using a pot suspended from a tripod we also managed to prepare a fruit based sauce to have with the pigeon. We ignited our prepared feathersticks with a firesteel to light the fire. It worked very well and the surroundings were perfect to sit and enjoy the ambience. Tomorrow's blog post will be about harvesting ingredients that are right on our doorstep. We will make a nice cup of natural tea from what we find. Above all we will also learn how it helped us through World War 2. As a result when other forms of food were scarce it was essential to find home grown resources.


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