Cold Dark January in Lockdown 2021/01/30

After snowfall and frozen water came the ever lasting rain, leaving everything a permanent damp. That unmistakable smell, much like open moorland but without the fresh air and wide open spaces. Sadly in a large city in January lockdown it is not as easy to escape to these wild spaces.

Reflections on the water

One has to look much closer to home to observe nature and be rejuvenated by its all encompassing presence. It is something that I miss much indeed but perhaps the real trick of life is being in the mountains and moors whilst confined indoors. Master this and the world is yours.

Lockdown sunset london freedom

Certainly having a garden to enjoy makes it all the easier. Mine is filled with a variety of flying fluff-balls! I have a resident Robin, Blackcap, Blackbirds, Dunnocks, and a gaggle of Blue tits, Long Tailed tits as well as Thrushes, Sparrows and a pair of Wood Pigeons to name but some of the birds that visit.

Furthermore I have but caught a glimpse of a bird of prey as it caught a feathery meal at the bottom of the garden. It was hard to get a positive ID as it quickly flew onto the fence and concealed itself behind the shrubbery.

Blame jimi hendrix

Foxes also make a regular appearance and one can be found most days sleeping underneath the rose bush. Perhaps a plus side to the lockdown is an environment that is more still and welcoming for wildlife here in the big city. What is welcoming and calm for them is also of benefit to us. No animal appreciates engines, carbon soot, cold artificial blue light and the constant background hum of modern living. Talking of which, the noise of planes has all but vanished. Honestly I am not looking forward to the return of the 3 landings per minute, neither are the garden birds I imagine.

long tailed tit

This time of year things can appear dull and drab but there are some wonderful moments to enjoy. The cool evenings with thick mist and almost silence, a true rare treat here in the big city.


Silence (or almost silence) allows the mind to truly wander far, as sound travels further in these conditions you can hear more of whats around you.

Even though there may be no (or very few) noises whatever ones do occur drift a longer distance and maintain that clarity, almost allowing you to better locate yourself. There is not many atmospheres more enjoyable than enjoying a still cold evening spreading the mind afar.


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