Boulderwelt Munich 2014/01/30

Had an action packed time in Munich, so much to see. However we found ourselves returning evening after evening to a certain venue, Boulderwelt Munich.


Bouldering is a climbing sport but with no rope or harness, instead of long winding routes up high walls you are presented with a shorter set of climbing moves that are focussed into several ‘crux’ style moves. It’s very addictive, dynamic and challenging, especially if your fellow instructors are determined to out climb you… Boulderwelt has a busy evening atmosphere with the centre being packed until very late. However everyone is just having a great time chilling out, climbing and of course after a session relaxing at the bar sofa area enjoying epic German beer.

Boulderwelt Munich

The problems are rated 1a all the way to 8b+, which means easy to impossible in my opinion! Looking around some climbers seem to defy physics. They dangle from a couple of fingers in an oddly shaped hold. Unlike your standard gym behaviour of macho macho’ness, bouldering seems to invoke a weird sense of cooperation and relaxation to all concerned. That is until your forearms begin to hate you.

Taking a rest looking through the hazy chalk laden air. Your mind trying to work out the pattern of movements that will take you to the top of the problem that is currently keeping you grounded. You suddenly realise you are hooked.
If you happen to be in Munich, make sure you check out Boulderwelt.

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